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Behold the power of the Bender of Storms!
~ Voltgar after using Pure Essence

Voltgar is an Electric-type Titan that is encountered at the top of the Power Tower on Donar Island. It is also known as the Bender of Storms. It is the only titan available as of the demo.


Voltgar appears as a collection of 5 parts held up in the shape of a bipedal with a center piece, 2 arms and 2 legs held together by electricity. The arms and chest hover over the ground. It speaks directly to the player in a strong tone, referring to them as "human".

In game[]

When the player enters the top floor of the Power Tower, four power cells connected to an unknown source are being drained. In a flash of light Voltgar appears, asking the player what business they have entering its domain. Despite the player explaining their good intentions, Voltgar battles them. After Voltgar is defeated it becomes willing to listen to the player, who promptly extracts the Electric Essence from it. Despite thinking the player cannot comprehend the power of the essence, it accepts this and disappears in another flash of light.


Name Type Effect
Pure Essence Passive Fills the air with static particles curing Voltgar's status afflictions and increases SP costs for the player by 2. Cast when Voltgar's HP falls below 50%.


Skill Type SP Power Accuracy Category Effect
Taser Electric 4 - 100 Status Send a jolt of electricity through the target, which will cause shock.
Spark Disc Electric 8 50 100 Special Launch sparkling discs of electricity at the target, dealing damage and draining some SP on each hit.
Surge Punch Electric 4 70 95 Special Punch the target with a shocking fist, dealing damage.
Super Punch Electric 9 160 100 Physical Smash the target with a powerful punch. The user must recharge the next turn, and has its defense lowered while recharging.
Spark Wall Electric 7 - - Status The user places a wall of sparks on the field. Opponents passing through it lose some SP.


It is highly recommended to catch a Moffel in Thunderous Cave and evolve it to Digmow while investing in its HP and Attack stats and use its strongest Sand Type skill, Boulder Barrage against Voltgar. Additionally, Embaval can also learn Boulder Barrage and Cubzero is a strong choice since it has access to Scratch and other powerful moves. Armadil can do the most damage with Cut Type skills at this point of the game with Double Slash. Beezel can inflict Poison and raise its evasion with Precision Eye. Lampyre is also a good candidate because it has survivability against Voltgar's attacks and can use Swarm Diversion to lower the titan's accuracy.


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