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For a table of values, see Potential Values.

Potential is a stat of every Coromon. Each Coromon has a Potential Value that ranges from 1 to 21 that determines the color of their appearance as well as the frequency and total number of Potential Unlocks they can reach. Each Potential Unlock grants 3 bonus stat points that can be spent to increment any of their base stats. A Coromon with a Potential of 21 can have up to 126 bonus stat points while a Coromon with 1 Potential can have only up to 66 bonus stat points.


A Coromon is organized into one of three categories based on their Potential. A Coromon's appearance changes with what category they are in.

Category Potential Value Range Combined Odds (%) Appearance (example)
Standard 1 to 16 (97.09%)
NORMAL BEE 1 A front
Potent 17 to 20 (2.88%)
NORMAL BEE 1 B front
Perfect 21 (0.03%)
NORMAL BEE 1 C front

Encounter Odds[]

A Coromon's Potential Value is randomly determined upon each wild encounter. The potential of Titans and other trainers' Coromon is predetermined— not randomized.


Potential Value
Buffs 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21
Potent Scent


Potential Value
Buffs 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21
None 0.00031308703819662 0.0012523481527865 0.0025046963055729 0.0050093926111459 0.020037570444584 0.040075140889167 0.060112711333751 0.080150281778334 0.10018785222292 0.1202254226675 0.14026299311209 0.1202254226675 0.10018785222292 0.080150281778334 0.060112711333751 0.040075140889167 0.020037570444584 0.0050093926111459 0.0025046963055729 0.0012523481527865 0.00031308703819662
Potent Scent 3.0689885249446E-11 3.8055457709313E-9 6.3589442236852E-8 6.8106993345571E-7 2.393712841824E-5 0.00030657673145888 0.0018306865188391 0.0070271646704656 0.020499105071529 0.049745862547601 0.10588711809972 0.14369785220887 0.16504062762732 0.16602283948184 0.14637220907463 0.1087127186483 0.057840546150736 0.014831243540502 0.0074718063569748 0.0037499905723742 0.00093896707479928

Bonus Stat Points[]

When a Coromon's experience points reach thresholds determined by its Potential Stat, it will "awaken its potential" and gain 3 Potential Points. Up to 60 of these points can be invested into any of a Coromon's base stats for a flat bonus, except for SP which can only take up to 26.

Potential Points can be reset using the reset machines in Pawbury, on the second floor of the Trainer Hub. The Soft Resetinator will reset all Potential Points the player has allocated, for a fee of GoldIcon3500. The Hard Resetinator will reset all Potential Points, including those that were randomly allocated before the Coromon was caught at a cost of GoldIcon6000.

Reading Potential[]

For a Potential Calculator, see Community Tools.

The potential of a Coromon can be read in-game by using the Potential Reader or Battle Reader which will display the potential in the Coromon's summary or stat tab.

Changing Potential[]

The potential value of a Coromon can be raised with a Potentiflator at the upper floor of Donar Island's Trainer Hub for GoldIcon2500. This can only be done once per Coromon. Using a Potentiflator will increase the value by a minimum of 1 (for instance from 5 to 6). There is a chance that one can increase the value by more than 1. However the developers state that "Coromon with higher potential have a lower chance to potentiflate more than 1 Potential value." When a Coromon's potential is upgraded, the player may get a chance to spend new potential from missed unlocks.

Perfect Hunting Methods[]

Regardless of the method used, it is recommended to aim for Coromon with 20 Potential, as it 4 times more likely to obtain and can be upgraded using the Potentiflator where it is guaranteed to become Perfect.

The most common method currently used involves the use of Potent Scents. It is recommended for one to save their game, then use a Potent Scent, and catch any Potent. If no Potential 20 or Perfect Coromon is caught by the time the Scent runs out, the player should reset without saving and try again.

You can truly maximize the value you get out of your Potent Scents further using these exact steps:

  • Drink Potent Scent near the Area where you want to farm for Perfects
  • Save your game as soon as possible afterwards
  • Run around until you get 1 Wild Encounter and find a Potent OR Perfect Coromon (if first encounter is not either, reload save to get back your scent time).
  • Catch with Tactical Slam (if your Coromon level is too high that it'd kill otherwise with one move. Generally it is the safest move for catching anyways, so make sure your Leading Coromon has this equipped before even saving)
  • As soon as the battle is done, send it to your Squad. Check with the Potential Reader if the recently caught Coromon has 20 Potential Value. (if Potential value is not 20, reload save to get back your scent time + Spinner that was used)
  • Now you have either a Potential Value 20 Coromon which can be Potentinflated to Perfect, or a Perfect Coromon from the wild, Congratulations! (You can also choose to give it a nickname like "20Buzzle" or "20V" to keep track of its potential value, since the Coromon Storage removes such information from Potential-read Coromons upon reloading saves)
  • Instantly save as soon as possible. At this point, you basically only have been spending the Scent timer for your one, first encounter, which should leave you with roughly 5 minutes and 40 seconds of the timer. The timer does not seem to count the time spent opening the Pause menu (Squad Screen, Item Screen) or during battles.

Repeat steps above for another Perfect Coromon. With these methods, you can, for example, get all 7 different types of Perfect Coromons from Thunderous Cave; with only using 1 Potent Scent for them (provided you've fought all Battle Researchers in the path, by walking to 3 different spawn areas when needed to get an area-specific type, and saving upon arrival to the floor before doing the "hunt" for all Coromon types in that area). The downside to this method is, however, the fact that reloading after every encounter takes more time, for the sake of using less Potent Scents overall and getting back spinners used on Potents to save gold in the demo version.

Starter Coromon[]

For Starter Coromon, it is recommended for players to select opt-in for the Less Extended Course when talking to the lady at the Reception then they should save in the Coromon Lab just before they meet with Professor Nelson. From here, they can keep resetting until a Potent Coromon appears and check its summary. If a Starter has 20 Potential, the summary should read "To Next: 100 / 24".