Coromon Wiki

Difficulty is a setting that can change various things to make the game easier or harder.


Easy is the easiest difficulty, with the following changes :

  • Coromon fully restore their HP when leveling up.
  • Items in the shop have their cost halved
  • You can revive a fainted coromon with any healing item


Normal is the regular Coromon experience, with no changes.


Hard is for trainers who want a challenge :

  • When a Coromon faints, it will be permanently released
  • You cannot escape from any battle


Insane is the hardest difficulty. It features all the changes of the Hard difficulty and adds the following :

  • You cannot teleport using the LuxRecall items
  • You can only catch one Coromon in each area


After beating Voltgar, you can choose the Custom difficulty on other savefiles, allowing you to customize the game to your liking. The following things can be changed :

Easier Settings[]

  • Coromon recover all their HP on level up
  • Coromon recover all their SP on level up
  • Shop items are 50% cheaper
  • You can revive a fainted coromon with any healing item

Harder Settings[]

  • Trainer Hub limit (Limits the amount of recoveries per Trainer Hub)
  • Disable held items
  • Disable LuxRecalls
  • Disable escaping from wild battles
  • Release Coromon when they faint
  • Limit the amount of items you can use each battle
  • Catching rules :
    • Wild and Trainer Coromon
    • Wild Coromon
    • Trainer Coromon
    • One per area
    • One per area, except Perfects
    • One per area, except Perfects and Potents
  • Prevent catching duplicates

Random Settings[]

  • Randomize items
  • Swurmy only mode (Only changes the sprites)
  • Randomize traits
  • Randomize evolutions
  • Randomize skills
  • Randomize quests
  • Randomize starters
  • Randomize trainer coromon
  • Randomize wild encounter
  • Randomize titan order (Disabled for the demo)